Big Data

Evolving a format

Coding with AI

What is glue code?

Orchestration with Nomad

One month of Podman

Service virtualization

Logging vs Tracing

Migrating to Podman

Cucumber reports

Setting up Bookwyrm

Specification by example

Consumer-driven contracts

Learnings from using ADR in a real project

Microstream on Helidon

Idiosyncrasy of the Docker CLI

Workflow engines on Quarkus

Aggregate AsciiDoc from multiple repositories

Multiline commands in makefiles

AsciiDoctor, Maven and IntelliJ

Minikube with hyperkit

Problems with testing in IntelliJ

ADR and jqAssistant

Defaults Write

Managing manifests

Multi java


Spec framework

Skill matrix

Lessons learned

Architecture validation


Value objects

Architecture decisions


API testing

Windows tools

Know your tools

Naming and DDD

Property based testing

First things first